Beekenkamp: collaboration for the best result

Three spheres of activity, three expertises, three companies that join forces. Exactly that is the Beekenkamp Group. A family business consisting of Beekenkamp Plants, vegetables & ornamentals, Beekenkamp Verpakkingen (Packaging) and Deliflor Chrysanten (Chrysanthemums).

Since its foundation in 1951, the group has developed into a company that employs 2200 people worldwide, that produces over 1.7 billion young plants per year and has a total greenhouse area of almost 80 hectares.

History of the Beekenkamp Group

In 1951, G. Beekenkamp's Plantenkwekerij was founded as a one-man business in Maasdijk (Netherlands). G. Beekenkamp earned a crust working as a nurseryman in a 1.3 hectare garden. Very soon, in October 1951, he switched to producing plants for nurseries. Three months later, he hired his first employee. The nursery developed gradually with ups and downs. April 1973 saw a hurricane crossing the Westland region, totally demolishing a 5,000 metre greenhouse, which was finished only months before in late 1972. Nevertheless, after only 22 working days, a new greenhouse was put into operation and the business was up and running again.

Between 1977 and 1987, the nursery went through an explosive growth and reached a volume of approx. 27 hectares. About 10 years later in 1997, the Blokker Plantenkwekerij in Lutjebroek (Netherlands) was acquired. The idea of decentralized production was further shaped because in December of the same year, Novaplant in Rousson (France) was also purchased. In the eighties and nineties, Deliflor (then called Lyraflor), Beekenkamp Verpakkingen (previously Beekenkamp Tuinbouwtechniek) and Beekenkamp Ornamentals were added as separate companies and the Beekenkamp Group was born.

In the following period, the production locations in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia were set up, ensuring that the company had the very best quality plant starting material at its disposal all year round. In the meantime, Mr G. Beekenkamp’s daughters Annie and Margriet took over his shares in the company in 2000.

November 2008 saw a new step in the development of the Beekenkamp group. The take-over of Florema Young Plants B.V. further strengthened Beekenkamp’s position on the world market and also further broadened its assortment. In the same year, Deliflor Latin America was founded and a branch of Deliflor opened in Japan. 

History of the Beekenkamp Group
1951 Establishment vegetable plant nursery
1980 Purchase Lyraflor Chrysanten
1982 Establishment Beekenkamp Verpakkingen
1993 Establishment Beekenkamp Ornamentals
1997 Establishment Deliflor
1995-2005 Set-up production locations Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia
2008 Establishment Deliflor Latin America and Deliflor Japan
2008 Take-over Florema Young Plants