Beekenkamp: collaboration for the best result

Three spheres of activity, three expertises, three companies that join forces. Exactly that is the Beekenkamp Group. A family business consisting of Beekenkamp Plants, vegetables & ornamentals, Beekenkamp Verpakkingen (Packaging) and Deliflor Chrysanten (Chrysanthemums).

Since its foundation in 1951, the group has developed into a company that employs 2200 people worldwide, that produces over 1.7 billion young plants per year and has a total greenhouse area of almost 80 hectares.

Beekenkamp Plants - vegetables

For over 55 years, Beekenkamp Plants - Vegetables exclusively focuses on cultivation and sales of young vegetable plants in pressed pots, rockwool and trays. Every year, over 550 million young plants of as much as 1500 different leaf, brassica and fruit-bearing crops find their way via Beekenkamp Plants - Vegetables to professional greenhouse and outdoor growers all over Europe. The company is synonymous with disease-free, strong plants with a well developed root system.

Lettuce and brassica crops: uniform batches in different types of pots
In order to ensure delivery of uniform batches, Beekenkamp exclusively uses the best quality seeds and potting compost. Depending on the planting machine, Beekenkamp provides a choice between different types of pots. Pressed pots are delivered in pot sizes of between 3 and 8 cm and tuberous plants and brassicas are also delivered in our 315 plug BeeMatic tray with a pressed plug or a 260 plug tray with a loosely filled plug.

Fruit-bearing crops: modern grafting department offers many possibilities
For the fruit-bearing crops, Beekenkamp Plants - Vegetables has its own grafting department that is equipped with the latest technologies that enable a guaranteed constant high quality. Whether it concerns grafted or non grafted plants, single head, double head, one single or more plants per pot, compost, coconut fibre or Rockwool pot; everything is possible.

The assortment:
• The assortment of fruit-bearing crops includes aubergine, courgette, cucumber, paprika, pepper and tomato.
• The assortment of leafy crops includes amongst others: various types of lettuce, endives, Radicchio Rosso, Sugar Loaf chicory, various types of celery, parsley and herbs.
• The assortment of brassica includes for example cauliflower, broccoli, white cabbage, Savoy cabbage, red cabbage, oxheart cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, swede and Chinese cabbage.