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New 66-Hole Strawberry Tray for Everbearers

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen has developed a new 66-hole strawberry tray for cultivating everbearing species of strawberry plants. The 66-hole tray, type 7316 has a square, 60cc cup.

Everbearing species of plants start as very compact, so they only require a small cup capacity. The small cup capacity of the 66-hole makes the plant more manageable, because the fertilisers and water content can be refreshed more often.

The 66-hole tray has an ideal height and is nestable and stackable

The 66-hole tray has an ideal height to prevent contamination with soil diseases and moulds. The tray is designed to keep the cups at least 50 mm off the ground. Even on plots that are less than level, the cups do not touch the ground.

The 66-hole tray is nestable and stackable and measures: 600 x 400 x 118 mm. These standard dimensions offer great benefits when using existing automation systems for filling, stacking, unstacking and grading.

The tray is manufactured from polypropylene and, under certain conditions, can be steamed, so you can make a clean start each year. This plastic tray is suitable for years of use.

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