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Our new +Tray 16 with long legs offers strawberry growers the ideal plant height

+TRAY 16 – 16-hole strawberry minitray with long legs
There’s a constantly growing demand for higher propagation trays for strawberry plants. High strawberry trays imply many advantages. Tray fields don’t always have a uniform surface, and high plant trays mean that the strawberry plants’ roots don’t touch the ground. Some distance between the roots and the ground also implies better hygiene and quality because water splashing up from the ground can’t reach the roots.

For this reason Beekenkamp added two high strawberry trays to its range in the past years: the 10-hole high tray 7317 and the 18-hole high tray 7319.  This year we are expanding this series with yet another tray: the +Tray 16 minitray with long legs.

Our Italian customer Società Agricola Vivai Mazzoni started using this higher +Tray 16 strawberry tray this season because it enables them to ensure a better microclimate for their plants.
Dr Leis, production manager at Vivai Mazzoni:

“The drier conditions in this tray result in plants with stronger, whiter root balls”.

Higher version of the 16-hole strawberry minitray
Our +Tray 16 high minitray type 7319 is a higher version of our existing +Tray 16 minitray type 7308. This higher minitray comes with two different leg lengths – 50 mm and 70 mm. The tray’s plant cups have a volume of 135 cc.

Aardbeientray 16-gaats minitrayAardbeientray 16-gaats minitray hoogAardbeientray 16-gaats minitray hoog

This strawberry minitray is made of sustainably recycled PP. It can be subjected to steam treatment and be used for many years.


  •  Nestable and turn stackable
  • Colour: black
  • Cup volume: 135 cc
  • Plant density: 133 plants/m2
  • Available in two heights measured from the plant cup to the ground: 50 mm and 70 mm
  • 700 per pallet
  • Dimensions of trays with 50-mm legs: 595 x 195 x 127 MM
  • Dimensions of trays with 70-mm legs: 595 x 195 x 147 MM
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