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Beekenkamp Plants


Beekenkamp Plants





Eleveur et jeune producteur
Couper les jeunes plants élevés et semés

Des conditionnements durables pour vos cultures

Qu’il s’agisse de plateaux, pots ou bacs de transport. Également sur mesure.

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Pour la production de jeunes plants de légumes, légumes fruits et brassicacées
Hygiène et qualité absolues sur nos propres sites de production
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Bringing beauty to life

Chrysanthèmes de Deliflor


Due to Peter Persoon who unexpectedly passed away, a vacancy has arisen in the board of the Beekenkamp Group. We are working to fill this vacancy as soon as possible. Erik Leeuwaarden is currently taking over the duties of Peter Persoon. Erik Leeuwaarden is a member of the Supervisory Board…

MAASDIJK, THE NETHERLANDS - Peter Persoon, board member of the Beekenkamp Group and former director of Deliflor Chrysanten, unexpectedly passed away on Friday 22nd July at the age of 64. His death was due to complications following his diagnosis with bone marrow cancer four months ago. Despite his illness, Peter…

This week Beekenkamp Plants, as a passionate breeder, has published the Poinsettia catalogue for 2022. In this catalogue, the newest Poinsettia breeding is presented each year. This year, the honour goes to the Superstar 'Kayla Red'; the ideal Poinsettia for grower, trade and export. Kayla Red not only stands out…

Du mardi 15 mars 2022 au jeudi 17 mars 2022
Du mercredi 30 mars 2022 au dimanche 3 avril 2022
Du mercredi 5 octobre 2022 au jeudi 6 octobre 2022
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