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From seed to tomatoes, Beekenkamp Vegetables shows it in the new corporate movie!

Beekenkamp Plants is not launching 1, but 2 new corporate movies! From today, the new corporate movie from Beekenkamp Plants Vegetables can also be seen everywhere.

The vegetables movie starts with a shot that is unique for corporate movies, a long-take. The introduction scene of the film is 43 (!) seconds, in which we get to know the main character of the film, the setting in which it is located and the problem: The tomatoes that are eaten in front of her and the fact that she is now without it. How is she going to solve this?

The film follows a curious young girl who, together with a Beekenkamp Plants Vegetables employee, discovers the company. Field crops, fruit crops, from sowing to final products at the grower, it all comes along in the new corporate movie. The importance of hygiene, biological control, water treatment and international reach are also important parts of the movie.

The great thing about both Beekenkamp Plants films is that there is a connection with each other. Both films start and end on a cozy party. We are following 2 people at this party. A curious girl who sees the last tomato eaten in front of her. She goes looking for the place where tomatoes actually come from and is shown around. Peter is also present on the party. Peter works at Beekenkamp Plants Ornamentals and wants to surprise his girlfriend. He does this in a very special way. In both films Peter and the little girl meet each other, but each from a different perspective.

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