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The slogan of the LaBella is “From big to small, we have it all”. That slogan fits perfectly. LaBella® dahlias come in all shapes and sizes: piccolo, medio, grande, maggiore and gigante. The piccolo is the most compact dahlia of the bunch. This is followed by the medio and the grande series. The LaBella® maggiore is, as the name suggests, the series with larger flowers. Although the dahlia with the largest flowers is called the gigante series. Besides the choice of sizes, there is also a wide range of colors available. The so-called 'fun colors' are extra special. The extensive LaBella® dahlia collection brightens up every balcony, terrace and patio!


Available in sizes Piccolo, Medio, Grande, Maggiore and Gigante
Good garden performance
Lots of different colors
Suitable for garden and patio
Lots of beautiful flowers
Unique fun-colors

Everything you need to know about the dahlia

Wich species and pot sizes are available?

“From big to small, we have it all”. Dahlias are available in different sizes. The smallest size is piccolo wich is available in 9 cm pots. The Medio is a little larger and available in 12, 13 cm pots. The Grande fits in 17 cm pots, as well as the Maggiore. The Gigante has a minimum size of 19 cm pots. Not only the variety of the sizes are special. The dahlia is there in a lot of different colors. Even more special are the unique fun-colors.

Do dahlias prefer sun or shade?

Dahlias love the sun! The ground needs to be moisty all the time. Because of the colors you an easily mix the Dahlias in a big pot. When the flowers have finished blooming, you can easily cut them out. A new flower will grow again. The more you cut (only finished flowers of course), the more the dahlia will grow!

How much water does the dahlia need?

That depends on the weather of course. The ground needs to be moisty all the time.

Do I have to add extra plant nutrition?

No, that’s not necessary. If you want, you can add organic manure after you have planted the dahlia. An important tip: The more you cut (only finished flowers of course), the more the dahlia will grow.

When are dahlias available in stores?

The dahlia is available after the frost period. If you plant them after the frost, they will grow until the frost comes again. In April they are available in stores.

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