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The values of Beekenkamp is our job

The three core values of Beekenkamp are: reliable, innovative and committed. It is up to us, the marketing department, to express these core values in everything we do. Besides that, we really like to inspire. With our concepts we want to increase the popularity but we are also always looking to make the concepts more user friendly for the consumer, the grower and the retail.

Emissieproof met de Opticlear Diamond

Beekenkamp recycles the water for young plants for 100%. If the EC grows too high for one crop, some of the water goes to a crop that can use a higher EC.

For degradation of plant protection products and inhibitor, UV light in combination with H2O2 turned out to be insufficient. Complete disinfection and disposal of residues of plant protection products are achieved with the OPTICLEAR DIAMOND. In this way we meet the emission requirements and the increasing quality requirements of customers.

The most modern techniques for fruit crops

In the Netherlands we grow our young vegetable plants in 18 ha of ultra-modern greenhouses, as far as possible without the use of chemicals. We apply the latest technology to ensure that we always supply top-quality starting material for tomato, cucumber, eggplant or pepper.

Camera sorting systems, 6,000 lux lighting, ebb and flow floors, insect screens, UV disinfection and an Opticlear Diamond system for irrigation water purification enable Beekenkamp to guarantee healthy and uniform vegetable plants.

Evi loves you, everywhere she goes!

This is Evi. We’ve created her specially for you. Wherever you put her: in your garden, on your balcony or in your house, she shines, grows and flowers just for you. She has a strong constitution and a cheerful nature.


Make colours of your dreams reality!

Begonias are an absolute trend! End consumers love the cheerful colours and the natural look, so take advantage of it! With our Dreams concept we go all the way for you. In addition to the well-known and extensive line of Begonias that we bring to the market, the DREAMS concept helps you to position this diverse product with a clear message. From producer to end consumer, each tailored specifically to their needs. Our goal is to make all parties happy and successful with Begonias!


A true all-star!

Astro® is a jewel of a plant, just as much at home with consumers as it is on the shelf. The large cyathia (inflorescences) create a beautiful effect in contrast with the bracts. This poinsettia is a real all-star!

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Dahlia LaBella Series

The slogan of the Dahlia is “From big to small, we have it all”. That slogan fits perfectly. The Dahlia is available in different sizes, started with the piccolo. After that the Medio size is following. The Grande is, as its name suggest, a big kind, but the Maggiore is the biggest of each.
Not only the variety off the sizes are special. The Dahlia is there in a lot of different colors. Even more special are the unique fun-colors. The expanded collection will color every garden or patio!

Campanula Campala

Campanula Campala is a versatile plant to be used. Campala is suitable as a room plant and as a terrace plant as of May. Characteristic are the talking dark blue flowers, which makes him truly a trendy product. He flourishes very rich for about 6 weeks and is very suitable as a solo plant.

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