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Beekenkamp is - besides a young plant producer - also a breeder. With our own genetics we want to inspire the entire chain - growers, retailers and consumers. We work according to the highest possible hygiene protocols, we are progressive in the field of biological control, use LED cells and reuse rainwater. Through this page we will keep you informed of our latest developments!

Emissieproof met de Opticlear Diamond

Beekenkamp recycles the water for young plants for 100%. If the EC grows too high for one crop, some of the water goes to a crop that can use a higher EC.

For degradation of plant protection products and inhibitor, UV light in combination with H2O2 turned out to be insufficient. Complete disinfection and disposal of residues of plant protection products are achieved with the OPTICLEAR DIAMOND. In this way we meet the emission requirements and the increasing quality requirements of customers.

LED cells

A few years ago Beekenkamp started developing LED cells. Certhon and Beekenkamp discussed about how they can use LED in the cultivation of ornamental and fruit crops. Last year 8 climate cells were delivered in which make us very flexible in controlling the climate. We use water-cooled LED lamps in the cells. The water flows through the lamps so the heat is immediately removed. The water that is released in this process is negligible.

Campanula Campala

Campanula Campala is a versatile perennial. Campala is suitable as a houseplant and from May also as a terrace plant. The dark blue flowers are characteristic, which makes it a really trendy product. It flowers very richly for about 6 weeks and is very suitable as a solo plant.


After many years of research, the first TomTato® was launched on the Dutch market in spring 2015. This plant produces masses of sweet cherry tomatoes and delicious, waxy potatoes with a yellow skin.

Our show garden

Every year we plant plants in our own show garden. In the show garden, our product specialists test the quality and the shelf life. In addition, we open the garden 10 weeks a year to gather opinions from consumers and people from the industry. This gives us interesting information by which we inspire the whole chain!

Follow us for more information and inspiration!

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