Beekenkamp: collaboration for the best result

Three spheres of activity, three expertises, three companies that join forces. Exactly that is the Beekenkamp Group. A family business consisting of Beekenkamp Plants, vegetables & ornamentals, Beekenkamp Verpakkingen (Packaging) and Deliflor Chrysanten (Chrysanthemums).

Since its foundation in 1951, the group has developed into a company that employs 2200 people worldwide, that produces over 1.7 billion young plants per year and has a total greenhouse area of almost 80 hectares.

A professional family business

In spite of its scale and global market position, the Beekenkamp Group bears all the characteristics of a professional family business: a personal approach, short communication lines, a high degree of technical breeding expertise and focus on producing best quality young plants. Because a good start to cultivation is
the basis for a high quality end product. That is one of the reasons why Beekenkamp Group has also set up production locations in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. In this way, the group has the best plant starting material
at its disposal all year round. In combination with the value as attached by Beekenkamp to durable relationships with buyers and suppliers, enables creation of an end product that is incomparable.

Through joining forces, Beekenkamp Group has acquired a unique market position. In this brochure, the three different companies are described in more detail. Different companies joining forces. Collaboration for the most colourful cultivation. Collaboration for the best result. Bringing colours together.