Beekenkamp: collaboration for the best result

Three spheres of activity, three expertises, three companies that join forces. Exactly that is the Beekenkamp Group. A family business consisting of Beekenkamp Plants, vegetables & ornamentals, Beekenkamp Verpakkingen (Packaging) and Deliflor Chrysanten (Chrysanthemums).

Since its foundation in 1951, the group has developed into a company that employs 2200 people worldwide, that produces over 1.7 billion young plants per year and has a total greenhouse area of almost 80 hectares.

Deliflor Chrysanten

Deliflor Chrysanten is breeder and propagator of many high-profile cut flower chrysanthemum varieties. Worldwide, Deliflor realises yearly sales of around 700 million cuttings and is active in over 35 countries. The assortment consists of spray chrysanthemums, disbudded chrysanthemums and Santinis and includes more than 200 different cultivars. This means that Deliflor is one of the largest chrysanthemum breeders in the world. A few examples of the best known varieties are Anastasia, Zembla, Cayenne, Baltica and Roma. 

Breeding of new cultivars
Deliflor introduces various new chrysanthemum cultivars every year. The cultivars are surprising in colour, flower shape and use. The creation of such a new cultivar starts with breeding. This process takes about three years. During this period, varieties are continuously assessed in flowering trials and further selected on the basis of growing and market technical qualities.

Production of cuttings
Production of cuttings takes place in the production locations in Africa. The cutting material is flown to the Netherlands or immediately transported to buyers in Europe and Asia. For phytosanitary and growing technical reasons the cutting material for Latin America is produced in Colombia.

Rooting and distribution
On arrival in the Netherlands, the cuttings are taken to the new rooting locations built in 2008 and cultivated to the end product in around two weeks. Deliflor has its own transport department and delivers ‘just in time’, resulting in customers having the freshest possible starting material at their disposal at all times.

Advice on cultivation, marketing and promotion
During the production period, Deliflor customers are regularly visited wherever possible by their account managers, who provide them with growing technical expertise. With a view to realising the best possible market position for its varieties, Deliflor also attaches a lot of value to marketing and promotion. Strategies and campaigns are developed in order to maximize the success rate of new chrysanthemums and to strengthen the image of the chrysanthemum even further. Our chrysanthemums find their way to the consumer all over the world. The perception of the product differs per country but one single thing shines through wherever you go: the enjoyment of a beautiful flower.