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Plastic insect breeding box

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen has developed a new insect breeding box for the production of animal protein. The growing world population is increasingly demanding animal protein. Aside from customary livestock farming, insects form an attractive additional source of animal protein. Furthermore, insects convert their food into protein ten times more efficiently than cattle. 10 kg feed only supplies 1 kg of beef, but insects convert 10 kg feed into as much as 9 kg of insect meat.

Insects produce less manure and furthermore emit fewer CO2 and other greenhouse gases. In addition, they consume up to 1,000 times less water and take up less space. The breeding of mealworms and other insects is still in its infancy, but is extremely innovative and future-oriented.

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Insect breeding box: food safe & machine proof

The boxes are made of a food-safe certified polypropylene (PP) material. The use of PP material ensures that the boxes are dimensionally very stable and that they can be cleaned at high temperatures.

The boxes provide for specific heights between boxes to enable automatic feeding. In addition, the boxes are entirely smooth and have a minimum number of edges and ribs to prevent the undesired attachment of pupae to the box’s surface. The boxes are highly suitable for automated systems, such as stacking, unstacking and washing. Due to its standard dimensions and smooth construction, the box is perfect for processing. View all specifications here. 

Insect box of the future

Vision technology makes it possible to equip machines, such as robots, with ‘eyes’ enabling them to recognise their environment. Robots can then recognise the positioning of products and as a result pick them up and relocate them. The blue colour provides a better contrast, which makes it easier to apply vision technologies.

Insect breeding box

Art. 6205

Minimal adhesion of unwanted pupae to the surface
Easy processing due to smooth design
Highly suitable for automated systems
Can be used for mealworms, black soldier fly (BSF), buffalo worms, crickets and flies, etc
External dimensions: 600 x 400 x 145 mm


Available spring 2020
Optimum climate
Better air permeation due to open corners
Great stacking stability
Improved cleaning efficiency
Insecten kweekbak

Information & brochure insect breeding boxes

If you are interested in this insect breeding box or if you are looking for your own unique plastic breeding box for breeding your insects, our own in-house team with expertise in product design and technical drawing is capable of realising new products in a short period of time.

Insect breeding solutions
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