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  • Aardbeientray mini 30-gaats
  • Aardbeientray 30-gaats mini
  • 30-gaats mini tray
  • 30-gaats mini tray 7530

Strawberry mini tray high 30-hole

Article number: 7530

This high mini tray creates a better microclimate for the plants. The strawberry plants in the tray become less damp, giving them a stronger and whiter root ball. The cups have a volume of 135 cc. This cup volume is ideal for perpetual strawberry varieties and for plant material with 2-3 noses. Other advantages of the 30-hole strawberry trays are that they can be easily placed next to each other and 60 plants can be picked up or moved at the same time. The ends of the strawberry tray fit into each other, which ensures that the plants are always at the same distance from each other on a tray field.
The 30-hole mini tray, type 7530, is available in any desired height. There are 3 possible options: 25 mm, 45 mm or 65 mm, measured from the ground to the cups. This strawberry mini tray is manufactured from sustainable recycled PP material, can be steamed and will last for many years.

  • 3 options possible feet height: 25 mm, 45 mm, 65 mm
  • Colour black.
  • The tray can be nested and stacked.
  • Ext. 995
  • Ext. 170
  • Ext. 115
    Ext. 135
    Ext. 95
  • 0.985
  • 455
  • 1000 x 1200 x 2400
  • 180 / m2
  • 135
  • 30 holes
  • PP

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