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  • Aardbeientray 16-gaats mini tray
  • Aardbeientray 16-gaats minitray
  • Aardbeientray 16-gaats minitray hoog
  • Aardbeientray 16-gaats minitray hoog
  • Aardbeientray 16-gaats minitray hoog

Strawberry tray 16-hole minitray high

Article number: 7319

Our +Tray 16 high minitray type 7319 is a higher version of our existing +Tray 16 minitray type 7308. This higher minitray has legs with a length of 50 mm or 70 mm, measured from the plant cup to the ground. The extra height of this 16-hole strawberry minitray implies many advantages. Tray fields don’t always have a uniform surface, and this higher plant tray means that the strawberry plants’ roots don’t touch the ground. A greater distance between the roots and the ground also implies better hygiene and quality because water splashing up from the ground can’t reach the roots. The extra height moreover ensures a better microclimate. The drier conditions result in plants with a stronger, whiter root ball.

  • Colour black.
  • Supplied as standard with 50mm feet space from the plant cups to the ground. Option 70mm available on request.
  • The extra height ensures a better microclimate
  • The tray can be nested and stacked.
  • Ext. 595
  • Ext. 195
  • Ext. 127
    Ext. 147
  • 0.63
  • 700
  • 1000 x 1200 x 2250
  • 133 / m2
  • 135
  • 16 holes
  • PP

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