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Designers with a passion for packaging

We’re buzzing with ideas. This is clear from our range of innovative cultivation and transport solutions. Our designers will surprise you by devising customised solutions for all your ornamental, vegetable and fruit crops.

Innovations in practice

From our unique strawberry substrate troughs, insect breeding trays to transport boxes which interact perfectly with automated logistics systems or the BE-Cube pallet system. In 2017 Beekenkamp will launch thirteen new products, including two exclusive growing solutions developed in collaboration with our customers.


Stand out from the crowd! Choose your own colour and printing style.

  • Colour or embossed printing available
  • Wide choice of more than 24 production colours


Surprise the market with your very own injection-moulded packaging!
Do you have an idea? Your idea is our challenge. Together we can develop a solution for your product or process. With in-house expertise in product design and technical drawing, new products can be created in next to no time.

Be-Cube demountable pallet box system
Be-Cube demountable pallet box system

Innovative and sustainable solution to save on transport and storage costs

Honeytomatoes® punnet
Honeytomatoes® punnet

Reusable tomato punnet for consumers. Injection moulded.

Exclusive cultivation solutions
Exclusive cultivation solutions

Substrate troughs and trays developed in collaboration with the customer

Insect breeding box
This new insect breeding box has been developed for the production of animal protein.

BE-Cube: the new, demountable pallet box system!

The BE-Cube pallet box system is a new, efficient, multi-purpose solution for storage and transport. The BE-Cube weighs less than comparable plastic and wooden pallet boxes but its specially developed construction makes it just as strong.  Because the BE-Cube is a demountable reusable system, it saves on storage and transport costs straightaway.  The system is extremely easy to handle and dismantle. One person can assemble the BE-Cube in a few seconds, and then fold it up again just as easily.
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