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Beekenkamp Plants


Beekenkamp Plants





Criador y productor de plantas jóvenes.
Cortar plantas jóvenes criadas y sembradas.

Embalajes sostenibles para sus cultivos

Desde bandejas y macetas a cajas de transporte. También hacemos diseños personalizados.

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Higiene excelente y máxima calidad en nuestros centros de producción interna
Para el cultivo de hortalizas de hoja, hortalizas de fruto y tubérculos
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Bringing beauty to life

Crisantemos de Deliflor


MAASDIJK - From the brassica locations in Maasdijk and Lutjebroek the first large orders of 2023 are being delivered. Once again, all colleagues are pulling out all the stops to provide our growers with the best plant material. As every year, this brassica season began with the delivery of large…

During the presentation of Glastuinbouw Nederland assortment comparison award on January 19, 2023, the newest Superstar Poinsettia “Luna Red” from Beekenkamp Plants was awarded to Poinsettia novelty of 2022/2023. 18 different Poinsettia varieties from various Poinsettia breeders have been assessed for growth, flowering and shelf life. The novelty Luna Red…

Due to Peter Persoon who unexpectedly passed away, a vacancy has arisen in the board of the Beekenkamp Group. We are working to fill this vacancy as soon as possible. Erik Leeuwaarden is currently taking over the duties of Peter Persoon. Erik Leeuwaarden is a member of the Supervisory Board…

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