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Introduction new BKX-tray

Beekenkamp Plants wants to anticipate on the needs of both the customers and the market.
Subjects such as environment, re-usage and sustainability are becoming more and more important. Besides there is the development that more plant material is processed mechanically. The introduction of the BKX-tray fulfills all these needs.

After an extensive test period we are proud to inform you that we are introducing the new BKX-tray for a large part of our seed-raised products in the second half of 2019. A number of products will still be continued to be produced in the old trays.

The most important advantages of the BKX tray are:

1. Perfect to get plants out of the tray
2. Reduction of pollution
3. Perfectly suited for automatic potting

By re-using our trays we also contribute to a better environment. An important part of this is the returning of the tray. We have chosen for a deposit system in order to support the process in a good and clear way.

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