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The new propagation facilities of Beekenkamp are needed faster than anticipated

MAASDIJK – Last May Beekenkamp proudly announced the second phase of their new propagation facility that was started in ‘s-Gravenzande. Now, they are equally proud to tell that the construction is going faster than planned. Because of the huge need of extra space for their young plant cultivation of fruit crops, which are grown according to a high hygiene protocol, the process had to be accelerated. Instead of the end of May 2018, it is now to be finished the beginning of 2018.

Beekenkamp is growing and so is the need for extra greenhouse space. After the 6 hectare greenhouse was completed this year, they started directly with the second phase of the project. During this phase another 3 hectare greenhouse is being built and they expect to plant young vegetable plants in the beginning of 2018.

The glasshouse foundation is done and deep pipelines were dug for the water technique, the heating and the lighting cables. Last Monday, Havecon started with the steel construction of the 27.000m2 glasshouse. The glasshouse is provided with modern wastewater treatment facilities to be able to recirculate 99% of the used water within the company.

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