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Alfresco! The concept for our wide hobby vegetable range. Beekenkamp Plants has a wide range of hobby vegetable plants. The advantages of Beekenkamp's Alfresco:

  • Grafted and not grafted plants
  • Strict hygiene rules
  • Big experience in the cultivation of both ornamental and vegetable plants
  • All our seeds are from well-known companies with high-quality breeding
  • We work closely with the breeding companies to ensure you get the best young plants

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Alfresco literally means: “good food in the open air” and that is exactly the goal of our hobby vegetable range. Besides a great taste and a wide range of vegetables, Alfresco has more to offer. Alfresco responds to all current trends.The name “Alfresco” says it all: Fres(h)! The consumer growing their own vegetables and fruit in the comfort of their own home and garden. It doesn’t get Fresher than that. It offers relaxation, contributes to a more sustainable world (less packaging, more greenery) and provides fun and education for young and old.

Convenience, clarity and fun are central to the concept. Each plant has its own mascot that tells the consumer what the properties of the plant are. There are also care tips included. The photos clearly show which product the consumer can expect. This in a recognizable, attractive style, makes the consumers lifestyle self-full filling, delicious and fun. The hobby vegetables from Beekenkamp Plants are grown according to strict hygiene rules. See here our Skall certificates.

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