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Beekenkamp Plants


Beekenkamp Plants





Flower digi Trials

Our digital version of the Flower Trials

Breeder and young plant producer
Cutting raised and seed raised young plants

Sustainable packaging for your crop

From trays and pots to transport boxes. Custom design also available.

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Outstanding hygiene and top quality at our in-house production sites
For cultivation of vegetable, fruit vegetable and tuber crops

Bringing beauty to life

Chrysanthemums from Deliflor


On March 8, 2021, the Directors and their internal project group of the Beekenkamp Group, officially laid the foundations of a new breeding location on the Oranjepolder in Maasdijk. The “Beekenkamp Research and Development Center”, as the new location will be called, The Beekenkamp Research and Development Center is being…

Brassica young plant delivery season has started in week 7 and continue until week 32. For the coming season, more than 200 million brassica plants are scheduled to be produced. The Beekenkamp Plants team is ready and energetic. Marc Balemans, Cultivation Coordinator of Brassica Crops, tells: "After a quieter period,…

In 2017 Ans van der Velde started at Beekenkamp Plants as Manager Breeding, a new position with the freedom to develop a team with the goal of expanding Beekenkamp’s genetics. Quite a lot has changed in four short years! Under Ans the breeding team has grown to 14 colleagues, the…

Inspiring concepts
Selecting the right products in collaboration with the entire supply chain
Packaging for every crop
Tulips, strawberries, chrysanthemums, cucumbers, lilies, tomatoes, berries and more...
Top quality
Cultivation and sale of young vegetable plants in press pots (soil blocks), trays and rockwool
Chrysanthemum breeder with unique varieties, colours and forms
Chrysanthemums for everyone

Chrysanthemum breeder with unique varieties, colours and forms

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