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Beekenkamp Plants


Beekenkamp Plants





Breeder and young plant producer
Cutting raised and seed raised young plants

Sustainable packaging for your crop

From trays and pots to transport boxes. Custom design also available.

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Outstanding hygiene and top quality at our in-house production sites
For cultivation of vegetable, fruit vegetable and tuber crops

Bringing beauty to life

Chrysanthemums from Deliflor


CO2 emissions in greenhouse horticulture will be significantly reduced the coming years. On 30 November 2022, the Ministries of Agriculture, Economic Affairs and Climate and Finance signed the Covenant Energy Transition Greenhouse Horticulture 2022-2030 together with other parties from the horticulture sector. The parties will work on measures for energy…

Due to Peter Persoon who unexpectedly passed away, a vacancy has arisen in the board of the Beekenkamp Group. We are working to fill this vacancy as soon as possible. Erik Leeuwaarden is currently taking over the duties of Peter Persoon. Erik Leeuwaarden is a member of the Supervisory Board…

MAASDIJK, THE NETHERLANDS - Peter Persoon, board member of the Beekenkamp Group and former director of Deliflor Chrysanten, unexpectedly passed away on Friday 22nd July at the age of 64. His death was due to complications following his diagnosis with bone marrow cancer four months ago. Despite his illness, Peter…

From Wednesday, October 5, 2022 till Thursday, October 6, 2022
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