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Beekenkamp Plants


Beekenkamp Plants





Breeder and young plant producer
Cutting raised and seed raised young plants

Sustainable packaging for your crop

From trays and pots to transport boxes. Custom design also available.

Discover here
Outstanding hygiene and top quality at our in-house production sites
For cultivation of vegetable, fruit vegetable and tuber crops

Bringing beauty to life

Chrysanthemums from Deliflor


Millions of BKX trays full of young plants are transported to growers every year. Good hygiene of the trays is very important when propagating young plants. For over twenty years, Beekenkamp has ensured these rigorous hygiene protocols are met by washing trays with the first machine developed specifically for this…

The new company film about the Beekenkamp Group is finished! In this film, viewers see how Govert Beekenkamp started building the family business in 1951, and how proud they are to see where the Beekenkamp Group is now! With a short look back to the past, but above all an…

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen B.V. brings another novelty to the market. Until now, only the plant raising tray and the 60x40 cm growing tray were used to transport young vegetable plants from grower to production grower.
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