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New seed line installed at location Lutjebroek

For years, Beekenkamp Plants has had a location in Lutjebroek, Noord-Holland, to provide local growers with vegetable plants, mainly cabbage. In 2016 the greenhouse complex was already expanded from 2.8 ha to 4.1 ha. Recently, investments were also made in a new seed line.

Construction work on the new seed line started in November 2018. The line was finished at the beginning of January and after some minor adjustments, the new line is now being used. A perfect timing because the open field season started recently!

The machine consists of a tray filler, dibbler, drum seeder, watering unit and covering unit.
There are a lot of major advantages to the machine. The machine ensures optimally shaped seed holes. The new seed line is suitable for both pilled and bare seeds.
The trays are uniformly watered during the seeding process and. The advantage of this process is that less water is needed to achieve the desired result. In the final step of the sowing process, the new machine is characterized by the very uniform spreading layer.

All these benefits result in plugs that germinate evenly for uniform cultivation. The deviation percentage between the plugs is therefore smaller than 5%. This allows Beekenkamp Plants to deliver a reliable and high-quality product to the grower.

The horticultural sector continues to grow and automation is becoming increasingly important. Halfway through 2018 a new press line was already installed at the Maasdijk location. Beekenkamp Plants continues to invest at all locations in automation for open ground crops, so that a reliable product can be created constantly. «Growing for the future».

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