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A Groundbreaking Revolution at IPM ESSEN with Pericallis POP!

MAASDIJK – At the upcoming IPM ESSEN (23.01 – 26.01), the ornamental horticulture world will witness a groundbreaking revolution with the launch of Pericallis POP by Beekenkamp Plants. This bold and innovative Pericallis series signifies a notable shift in the existing Pericallis genetics and promises to be a must-see for growers and retailers striving for innovation.

Discover Pericallis POP! – A Revolutionary Series
Pericallis POP invites visitors at IPM ESSEN to acquaint themselves with a series that breaks conventions and embodies a fresh spirit of the times. Here are the distinctive features that make Pericallis POP the prime choice for growers and retailers daring to innovate:

  • Excellent branching: A lush and full appearance owing to better branching than ever before.
  • Outstanding foliage: Top-quality leaves that make every plant visually appealing.
  • Uniform growth: No surprises – each plant grows uniformly, ensuring consistency throughout the series.
  • Series-focused: A comprehensive series redefining standards and bringing innovation to the Pericallis market.
  • Cheerful colours from early spring into late summer: Unique colourful options that bloom for up to 4 months.
  • Cold tolerant: Pericallis POP thrives effortlessly at lower temperatures (from 10 degrees Celsius), expanding cultivation possibilities.

About Pericallis POP!
Pericallis POP is more than just a brand; it’s a movement bringing art to the realm of ‘ordinary’ plants. With its bold, innovative, and rebellious characteristics, the brand pops up, makes noise, and grabs attention. Pericallis POP challenges norms, embraces the unknown, and encourages growers to do the same.

Visit our booth at IPM ESSEN (2C15) and explore the future of Pericallis. Dare to innovate, dare to pop with Pericallis POP!

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