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New transport box with smooth base for all logistics systems

A logistics system with a conveyor belt, roller conveyor or chain conveyor is less likely to encounter problems if the transport boxes used have a smooth base. Beekenkamp Verpakkingen (Packaging) is therefore expanding its range to include low and medium-height transport boxes with a smooth and a ribbed base. Removal of the stacking rim under these boxes makes them easier to stack, resulting in fewer malfunctions, less downtime and reduced breakage.

Unique weight in line with Euro Pool

With this new transport box, any system that uses pooled returnable transit packaging (RTP) can easily switch to the Beekenkamp transport box. This new range of boxes has the same tare weight as pool packaging, so you can use your own packaging with your existing machines.

No stacking rim

The four new models have a smooth or ribbed base and the stacking rim has been removed. As a result, the transport box slides across automated conveyor belts, roller conveyors and chain conveyors more smoothly. The boxes are available in a low- or medium-height version. What’s more, these boxes can still be stacked with existing transport boxes (type 8256/2, 8256/3 and 8256/4).

Choose your own transport box colour for fresh produce

The new transport boxes are made from HDPE and can be produced in any colour. We can also print your logo on the long side of the box. These boxes are food-safe as standard and are suitable for storage, processing and transport of fresh produce such as tomatoes, sweet peppers and other vegetables.


  • Transport box, low, with smooth base, type 8201
  • Transport box, low, with ribbed base, type 8202 (tare weight, pool system)
  • Transport box, half-height, with smooth base, type 8203
  • Transport box, half-height, with ribbed base, type 8204 (tare weight, pool system)

Existing range:

  • Transport boxes, low, type 8256/2: can be replaced by type 8201 with smooth base.
  • Transport box, half-height, type 8256/3

For more information or questions, please contact our experts.

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