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Our story

Beekenkamp has over 2,600 employees worldwide, working in vegetables, pot and bedding plants, packaging and chrysanthemums. This combination puts us in a unique position in the market. Our motto: ‘Together for the best result’ is a guarantee of quality and reliability for our customers and partners.

Innovations from Maasdijk

Ever since 1951 the Beekenkamp family business has been at the forefront of innovation, from new trays to unique varieties created by our breeding division in Maasdijk. We are buzzing with ideas for the future, both locally in the Netherlands and for large international projects. Our ongoing research ensures that we remain innovative.

90 hectares

Every year Beekenkamp produces over 2 billion young plants on a total greenhouse area of more than 90 hectares. We raise, breed and propagate a wide variety of crops for growers worldwide, with careful attention to quality and hygiene.

We accept our responsibilities

We take our social responsibilities seriously. We invest in the environment and make our contribution wherever possible. Sustainable business isn’t just a concept, it’s the way we work. Because we stand by our motto: Together for the best result.

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