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Reliable quality

Innovative varieties

Growing advice from our experts

Excellent hygiene during propagation

Customised production of young vegetable plants

Including our own grafting department, advanced machinery and a propagation method for young vegetable plants:

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Quality and reliability. Our values. Our promise.

As a family company, we are committed not only to the quality of our products and processes but also that of our staff, our working methods and our interactions with partners and customers.

A few months ago, the Research & Development team at Beekenkamp Plants started working with a GoPro camera. The main reason why they work with a GoPro is to gain more insight into the development and response of the plant over the days. In the video below you can see…

Beekenkamp Plants and SlijkermanKalanchoë have agreed to a cooperation effective immediately for the North American market. SlijkermanKalanchoë, a family owned company, specializes in the breeding and production of single and double flowered Kalanchoë. Beekenkamp Plants will offer exclusively the full line of the potted SlijkermanKalanchoë to the North American market.…

Beekenkamp Plants wants to anticipate on the needs of both the customers and the market. Subjects such as environment, re-usage and sustainability are becoming more and more important. Besides there is the development that more plant material is processed mechanically. The introduction of the BKX-tray fulfills all these needs. After…

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