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A reliable product.

Progressive thinking

Innovation with regard to water recycling and disinfection, logistics processes, plus heat and CO2 use all play a central role at all Beekenkamp production sites. With 18 ha of modern greenhouses in the Netherlands, we produce young plants of the highest possible quality.

Strict hygiene

Our strict hygiene measures apply not only to our propagation greenhouses but also to our personnel, containers and vehicles. Our quality inspectors check all processes on a daily basis and test the health and quality of our starting material in the laboratory.

Young plant expert

Many years of experience have given us the necessary expertise to produce top-quality young plants. A good start in life is the basis for a high-quality end product in crops such as tomatoes, peppers and leaf vegetables.

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Breeding - the best selection

In collaboration with growers, wholesalers, retailers and supply chain partners, our breeders work day-in day-out on new, robust varieties, including Poinsettia, Begonia, Dahlia, Celosia, Lavandula and Campanula. From crop improvement to unique products such as our Begonia Evi and the acclaimed TomTato®.

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The right certifications

Beekenkamp Plants BV is ISO 9001, GSPP, SKAL, MPS-GAP, MPS-SQ and ETI certified and a member of the Plantum NL trade organisation.

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