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More strawberry plants per m2 with new 18-hole tray

More strawberry plants per m2 with new 18-hole tray
Beekenkamp has developed a new 18-hole breeding tray for the strawberry breeder. In addition to the success of our existing 18-hole strawberry tray Model 7313 and 7314, we are now introducing a redesigned, narrow version, which is furthermore available in three planting heights.

12% more plant production in the same area
This narrow strawberry tray (175 mm) makes it possible to grow more strawberry plants per square metre. This immediately saves on costs due to the improved utilisation of space and yields a 12% increase in plant production over the existing tray.

Homogeneous strawberry plants through equidistant cup spacing in the tray field
The cup spacing has also been optimised with this new 18-hole tray. For a full tray field the plants, measured from any point of the (plant) cup, are equally spaced at 105 mm. This produces a more homogeneous plant.

Available in 3 different planting heights
The 18-hole strawberry tray is available in three planting heights; 25 mm, 45 mm or 65 mm, measured from the (plant) cup to the ground. This enables the plant breeder to achieve the desired height for his/her strawberry plants. The extra height yields many benefits. Tray fields are not always exactly level and with this higher 18-hole tray, the roots of the strawberry plant are unable to reach the ground. Furthermore, from a hygienic and quality perspective it is better when the roots are further removed from the ground so that splashing water cannot reach the roots.

Model 7318 18-hole strawberry tray specifications
This strawberry tray is manufactured from high-quality polypropylene materials, can be steamed and will last for many years.

  •  Nested and rotary stacking
  • Colour black
  • Cup volume: 230 cc
  • Cup spacing: 105 mm
  • Plant density: 109 plants/m2
  • 3 planting heights from plant cup: 25 mm / 45 mm / 65 mm
  • Tray dimensions: 940 x 175 x 115 / 135 / 155 mm
  • 390 units/pallet

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If you would like more information on the Strawberry tray 18-hole high or if you would like to receive a sample, please contact our Sales team. 

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