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Visit from Ethiopia

The production location in Ethiopia is an important part of the Beekenkamp Group. The whole process of the young plant material for Deliflor and Beekenkamp Plants starts here. Today Lemma Megersa – president of Oromo (province where the Beekenkamp groups production facility is situated) Ethiopia – and Niek Bosmans – agriculture consultant in Ethiopia – visited us. The collaboration between The Netherlands and Ethiopia is very important. Therefore it is good to have knowledge of both countries and processes. The visit of Lemma and Niek was intended to gain more insight into the dependence between the companies. Sustainable production was one of the themes they spoke about. There were also talks about challenges that still exist. The president indicated that he is already working on some of the challenges, such as improving the roads in Ethiopia to improve the transport of the young plants. It was a successful visit.

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