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Perfect start to your raspberry long cane production with 1.85 litre raspberry pot

Together with EU Plants (UK), one of the biggest operators in raspberry long cane production, Beekenkamp Verpakkingen has developed a new 1.85 litre production pot. EU Plants has been using these new raspberry long cane pots to their full satisfaction for the past 2 years. Now other raspberry plant growers can enjoy the benefits of the 1.85 litre raspberry pot.

The larger surface area of the 1.85 litre pots means that the raspberry plants have much more light right from the start than in the narrow high pots. This results in a faster, but also better start to the raspberry long cane cultivation. The wide bottom provides plenty of drainage capacity. The drain openings are positioned in such a way that no unwanted water can ever remain at the bottom of the cup.

Their 6 high legs make the 1.85 litre pots very stable, virtually eliminating the possibility of root contact with the ground. The pots are linkable using a click system. This ensures that the plants are less wind-sensitive, making it easier for the pots to stay standing.

When transferring to a Beekenkamp 7 litre pot, for example, the plant can make new roots over a wider horizontal surface.

The 1.85 litre pots are light and thin, and ideal for one-off use, which means we can deliver these raspberry pots at an attractive price. The pots are made of recycled polypropylene material and can be collected and recycled after use.

If you are interested in the 1,85 litre raspberry pot, request a price now or contact our sales manager Jerry Arkesteijn.

1,85 litre raspberry pot for longcane production

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