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A new Superstar is born!

Yesterday Beekenkamp Plants Ornamentals received the award for the best novelty from the LTO (Dutch Greenhouse Horticulture union). Various Poinsettia breeders sent in their novelties and these were grown by commercial growers in confidential comparison trials. Beekenkamp Plants Ornamentals sent in their PON128 and won again!

The PON128 is the new white Poinsettia for Beekenkamp Plants Ornamentals. This strong plant has a very strong V-shape and in combination with its darker leafs the white cyanthia shines from a distance.

“This is a great reward for our work. Our goal was to develop a white Poinsettia, it took a while, but it worked out well,” smiles Peter van Winden, breeder Beekenkamp Plants Ornamentals.

“When Peter showed me this white Poinsettia, we were convinced. After PON128 also scored high in the tests and now at the LTO trials , we are over the moon that a new Superstar is born,” said Ard van der Lugt, Product Specialist Beekenkamp Plants Ornamentals.

A new star is born! Beekenkamp now has the new addition to their Beekenkamp Superstar collection. A bright star, a beautiful appearance with a very strong character…
And they call her…. “VIRGO”.

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