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Beekenkamp adds new 16-litre square pot to its berry and blackberry cultivation pot series

As well as the large volume pots for blueberries, Beekenkamp has added a 16-litre pot to the range. A good start to blueberry production can be made using this Beekenkamp 16-litre pot.

Blueberries can be started in a smaller pot such as the square 16-litre square pot, transferring to a larger pot after a time, such as the Beekenkamp 25-litre pot. This 16-litre pot can be used as starting and final pot for blackberry production, without the need for transfer.

The additional height of this 16-litre square pot guarantees maximum drainage. The pots also have plenty of drainage capacity due to the open bottom, allowing a maximum amount of water to drain away. This ensures a good root environment, healthy roots and optimal berry or blackberry plant growth. The extra height minimises the risk of roots growing down to the ground and soil diseases.

16 liter pot Beekenkamp5516 16 litre pot Beekenkamp
As with other Beekenkamp pots in this series, this pot is nestable for efficient stacking. This provides considerable transport cost savings, as more pots can be transported on 1 pallet location.

The 16-litre square pot is manufactured from high-quality PP recycled material and is suitable for long-term use.

We can offer these 16-litre square pot at a competitive price. Please feel free to ask for a quotation and a sample Beekenkamp 16-litre square pot.

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