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Beekenkamp expands its series of pots for the cultivation of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries

Are you looking for a substrate pot for your raspberry or blackberry plants? You’ll find precisely what you want at Beekenkamp Verpakkingen! In september we will be introducing a new 10-litre pot.
Next season we are going to expand our existing range of square 4.7-litre substrate pots, 7-litre pots and various disposable pots with this new 10-litre pot and a 25-litre pot for blueberries.

10-litre pot for raspberries and blackberries acquires a new look (art. 5510)
This new pot with a volume of 10 litres has an entirely new look, quite different from Beekenkamp’s existing pots. The square 10-litre pot is made using a smarter production method and can be more efficiently nestably stacked. This means that we can stack a larger volume per pallet and save on transport costs. These savings in cost enable us to offer you our new 10-litre pot for a very attractive price. The 10-litre pot has legs providing room between the pot’s base and the ground to reduce the risk of diseases.


10 liter pot Beekenkamp

7-litre pot for raspberries (art. 7407)
Last season Beekenkamp introduced its 7-litre pots for raspberry plants with two different bases – a grid base and a base with holes for ensuring optimum drainage. The coming season we will be offering growers a wider choice of substrate pots for raspberry plants following the introduction of our larger, 10-litre pot.

7 liter pot7 liter pot rasterbodem
25-litre pot for blueberries
Early next year we will also be expanding our series of Beekenkamp pots for blueberry plants with a 25-litre pot. This new square 25-litre pot’s design is based on that of the aforementioned 10-litre pot, article 5510.
We will soon be providing more information on the availability of our new 25-litre pot for blueberries. Follow our website and newsletters for new postings! > Subscribe here for Beekenkamp Verpakkingen’s news letter

All Beekenkamp’s substrate pots are made of sustainably recycled PP. They are of excellent quality and can be used for a long time.

The Beekenkamp 10-litre pot will be available from September 2018 onwards. 
Enquire about the possibilities and request a sample here!

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