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Growing Tray 50 x 30cm. Suitable for the Danish trolley

Growing Tray 50 x 30cm. Suitable for the Danish trolley
Beekenkamp Verpakkingen B.V. brings another novelty to the market. Until now, only the plant raising tray and the 60×40 cm growing tray were used to transport young vegetable plants from grower to production grower.

Both solutions are very suitable when you work with the right trolleys. Especially in peak periods, the so-called Danish trolleys are also widely used.
Until now, there was no suitable growing tray for this type of trolley. Resulting in inefficient transport, unnecessarily higher costs and a high risk of product damage during transport. Loose loading on the trolley is becoming more and more undesirable due to increasing strict hygiene requirements.

As a solution, we now have the Growing Tray 50 x 30 cm available.

This growing tray can be filled with 15 pieces of 10×10 or 10 pieces of 15×10 rock wool, pressed soil blocks. The growing tray, including the product, remains inside the trolley. Therefore, the trolleys can easily be packed in a transport proof manner if desired. By using the Danish Trolley, further destinations are now a possibility for delivery on a growing tray. Enormous savings can be made on the return transport.

4 growing trays 50 x 30 cm fit on one Danish trolley shelf. Which are easy lift from the cart.

Due to the stiffness of the plate, the minimal weight and production from Polypropylene, this 50×30 cm. growing tray is also multifunctional and applicable in, for example, laboratory use on Danish trolleys. The raised edge on the trays ensures that individual/loose trays, boxes or dishes easily remain on the growing tray.

A completely different application is the use in vertical farming cultivation. Here this culture plate can be used for the cultivation of herbs and mini leaf. The open bottom structure ensures that the tray functions well in ebb and flow cultivation.

The growing tray 50×30 cm. can be disinfected, under certain conditions, under high temperatures.

  • perfectly stackable and can be processed automatically
  • color of your choice
  • name or logo possible
  • very durable and 100% recyclable
  • 1160 pieces / 100-120 per pallet

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen B.V. komt wederom met een noviteit op de markt. Voor het transport van jonge groente planten van opkweker naar productiekweker was er tot nu toe alleen de kweekplantenbak en de kweekplaat 60×40 cm. Beide oplossingen zijn prima geschikt wanneer je met de juiste karren werkt. Zeker in piekperioden wordt er ook veel gebruik gemaakt van de zogenaamde Deense karren. Tot nu toe was er nog geen passende kweekplaat voor dit type kar, met als gevolg inefficiënt transport, onnodig hogere kosten en grote kans op productschade tijdens transport. Los laden op de kar is vanwege toenemende strenge hygiëne eisen steeds meer ongewenst.

If you have any questions, please contact us or request a quote directly.

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