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Beekenkamp Plants’ Lutjebroek location ensures optimal plant quality with greenhouse innovations

At the Lutjebroek location of Beekenkamp Plants Vegetables, a wide variety of young cabbage plants is grown on more than 4 hectares. These plants eventually find their way to professional growers at home and abroad. In recent months, a lot of work has been done to optimize the greenhouse, with the aim of further improving plant quality and reducing energy consumption.

The greenhouses are heated via heating pipes at the top of the greenhouse, and an air ventilation system was recently installed to distribute the heat from the pipes evenly throughout the greenhouse instead of letting heat remain trapped at the top. Also, with this system the humidity in the greenhouse is lowered and this in turn increases plant activity producing strong and robust cabbage plants. This also results in lower energy consumption, allowing Beekenkamp to grow cabbage plants in a more sustainable manner.

In addition to the installation of the air ventilation system, new ErfGoed cultivation floors have also been installed in the greenhouse. With these new floors, internal logistics can be further improved and optimal drainage of drain water is guaranteed, which benefits the quality of the cabbage plants.

With these innovations at the Lutjebroek location, Beekenkamp Plants can even better meet customer demand to make the perfect plant for the semi- and fully automatic planting machines.

Working on the cultivation floor

The air ventilation

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