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34-gaats aardbeientray

New 34-hole strawberry tray developed especially for strawberry plug plants

Beekenkamp has developed a 34-hole strawberry tray with a cup volume of 85 cc for propagating strawberry plug plants, also known as “Misted tip” plants.

Additional height below the cup reduces crop failure
The 34-hole strawberry tray 85 cc has extra-high feet, which means that the roots never touch the ground, ensuring a much lower failure rate than in one-off deep-draw trays. The 34-hole tray is available in 2 heights, measured from the plant cup to the ground: 35 mm and 55 mm.

85 cc cup volume ensures healthy root growth
The 85 cc cup is an ideal size for the plug plant to root. The result: a developed plug plant that has sufficient space on the tray to grow to become a uniform plant. As there are 34 cups in one metre of tray, it is easy to put away or collect 68 plants with two hands.

Beekenkamp strawberry trays are produced from sustainable PP recycled material that is suitable for long-term use.

34-holes strawberry tray Beekenkamp

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