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'Out of this world, into your living space'

The Spacestars have landed! These special leaf begonias are mysterious and a bit peculiar. They are based on the beauty and recognisable elements of the universe, which are similar to the characteristics of the plant. Just look at the leaves. They look different in different lightings. The diverse colour palette of the Spacestars is characterised by the universe and its stars: they shine, sparkle and twinkle. Not to mention, this leaf Begonia can take up a lot of ‘space’!

Het unique character of Begonia Spacestars

Suitable for small and large pot sizes (12-17cm)
The Begonia Spacestars are suitable for indoor and outdoor use
The plant fits completely in todays trend: green plants
The plant can be placed in the sun or shade
Forgot to water for a few days? No problem, the plant will recover itself when it is watered again

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