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Beekenkamp Plants B.V. has concluded the acquisition of the activities from Sunny Holland B.V.

Since 1985 the Danish company Sunny Grønnegyden ApS is a successful breeder and market leader in Osteospermum. Since 2006, the starting material has been sold by Wout Meskers from Sunny Holland B.V. Sunny Holland B.V. has decided to carry over its activities to Beekenkamp Plants B.V. and from July 1st 2017, Beekenkamp Plants B.V.  shall fully take over Sunny Holland B.V.’s activities. Beekenkamp Plants B.V. shall be marketing the whole supply chain of the Sunny® Osteospermum.

Sunny Grønnegyden ApS’s subsidiary Gartneriet 3Kanten A/S will maintain to produce their quality cuttings from Vietnam and continue to root and sell the cuttings. Beekenkamp Plants will start a trial production in Ethiopia and will also be using the coming years the outstanding quality cuttings from Gartneriet 3Kanten A/S from Vietnam.

Breeder of the Sunny® Osteospermum, Bjarne Nyholm Larsen, is very pleased with the cooperation: “Sunny® is market leader and we would like to maintain this. A family owned company like Beekenkamp Plants B.V. is the perfect match. Wout Meskers has done an exceptional job for us and we feel very privileged that he will be on standby to give us advice.”

An Beekenkamp, CEO of Beekenkamp Plants B.V.: “The cooperation with Sunny Grønnegyden ApS aligns very well with our ambition to deliver high-quality starting material. We have every intention to maintain the same quality and service to all clients as they have been used to for years by Sunny Holland B.V.”

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