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In our nursery, we propagate tomatopeppercucumberaubergine and courgette plants in rockwool, soil blocks, coconut fibre or perlite. You, the grower, can choose a suitable cultivation method while we will look after you plant material.

Check our fruit vegetables leaflet here!

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Optimum results from our own grafting facility

At Beekenkamp we graft in-house, either by hand or by means of a grafting robot. Whatever you want, we supply constant high quality and keep up with the latest developments.

Professional growers choose Beekenkamp Plants

Our own transport enables us to deliver the best quality to you as a professional grower on pallets or trolleys - in boxes, propagation trays or loose on the trolley.

GSPP certified

  • The highest possible hygiene level in tomato cultivation
  • Grafted or ungrafted
  • Customised lighting
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